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"Thanks for the wonderful perfect unistaller software for windows. It was really wonderful and helped me to unistall all my unwanted files." Janet, NY

"Its really wonderful to use this software, i was annoyed by some unwanted application and was not able to unistall it. But perfect unistaller helped me to get rid of it. Thanks, James"

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Perfect Uninstaller for Windows Operating System!

Installer and Uninstallers

When you want to run or execute a program then first you need to install it which means that you put the program on to a computer system in a manner that they will be executable on the computer. To do so every operating system has their own utilities that are generally called installers. On the other hand when you don’t want to use an application program any more then you remove all or parts of that specified program from your computer system. To do this a System utility that come along with the operating system is used. It is known as Uninstaller or deinstaller program.


In windows operating system, control panel is a implemented as a special folder that does not physically exist but it contains the shortcuts to various applets. One of them is the Add or Remove Programs. This applet is used to install-uninstall applications on the computer system. The storage location of this applet is /system32/appwiz.cpl. When a program install on the computer, some common operations get performed during software installations that includes

  • Shared and non-shared program files
  • Folders and Directories
  • Windows Registries Entries
  • Configuration file entries
  • Environment Variables
  • Links and Shortcuts


When we uninstall the programs, all these common operations should be reverted in order to complete uninstall. Windows Add or Remove Applet is intended to do so but sometimes it has been noticed that many programs leave some files that are stay on your computer system as a junk and it is negative. It directly means that the add/remove programs applet is not that much capable to remove all kind of applications completely sometimes. Working on this thing there are many software houses that are now providing their Third-Party Uninstallers.

Perfect Uninstaller for Windows

To remove all those unwanted applications that are not removed by the windows Add/Remove Programs, a program named Perfect Installer can be used. It is a strong uninstallation utility that can do the followings:

  • Uninstall any unwanted or corrupted application on your PC
  • Clean the registry entries and drivers that were installed during the application
  • Forcibly remove corrupted programs that can’t removed by windows Add/Remove Programs
  • Shows detailed information of all the application installed on your system
  • Backup PC system files whenever you boot PC to restore system easily if PC crashes


Using the Perfect Uninstaller for Windows you can remove all the surplus applications while making your PC faster and easier.

Features of Perfect Uninstaller for Windows

  • Faster than Add/Remove Programs
  • Force Uninstall capability for corrupted or stuck programs, hidden applications or program that are running without your permission
  • Remove all those programs that are not completely removed by windows Add/Remove Programs
  • Remove the empty/corrupted registry entries and make system performance better
  • Backup Registry
  • User friendly and show details of currently installed programs

The Perfect Uninstaller for Windows can run on operating systems like Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. It is faster than the original windows uninstaller and the latest version is really very powerful in removing all those softwares that stuck in the system and use system resources. You can get in online as a trial is available. First download the trial and if it satisfies you then purchase it to free from all kind of uninstall issues.

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